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Hazy BowlsHazy BowlsHazy Bowls

Very seldomly, I create a box to pair with a bowl. Made from a mix of exotic and pine wood, it's the perfect bespoke display, carrying box or storage container for your Hazy Bowl. Currently, only 5 exist in the world.

Overtime, certain styles or types have been established as recurring designs. The first 4 bowls completes a set. The last 6 bowls are rarer designs that are extremely difficult to obtain due to their scarcity.

Every so often, I will pair a cup with a Hazy Bowl.


I don't know. When I do, there will be a post about it.


Most of the time, not always.

If it's not able to be deduced from the preview, just ask and I will be happy to say what's going to be available.

To accommodate different time-zones. Sometimes it favors NA, sometimes EU, sometimes Oceania.

I'm only 1 guy with a small studio and my process involves focusing on each bowl more-so than any other bowl manufacturer. I want to ensure each bowl comes out perfect and if there's a major flaw, I won't put in a drop.

Depends on the complexity of the bowl - from the shape to the glaze combination. Some take 3 hours, some take 6 hours, or even more.

Semantics - ceramic is just clay hardened by heat. All your clay bowls are ceramic. Stoneware bowls that have been fired are ceramic.

Joining the discord would be your best bet. > CLICK HERE <

Never talk to me or my son ever again

Rarely, I will make a matching tiny bowl to match a Hazy Bowl. There are about 4 Tiny Hazy Bowls in existance, of which I own 2.

Hazy Hole

A new style of bowl port meant to fit grommets better and look good doing it.

Hazy Bowls is a one-person operation ran by me: Lucas. My goal is to create extraordinary hookah bowls that push the limit to what can be achieved in terms of aesthetics and performance.

Each time I am at the wheel, I am presented with an opportunity to create something new and exciting, which is what drives me to try new techniques or new styles and designs so as to see what can and cannot be done.

I stop at nothing short of perfection and every facet of using a hookah bowl is taken into consideration, from structural integrity to the thermal resistance of the clay; from ergonomics of handling the bowl to the shape of the port or height of the spire; and most importantly, designed with enthusiasts in mind, I am a firm believer of, "The devil is in the details."

Seeing the joy on people's face when they appreciate the craftsmanship and effort I put into each bowl is part of the reason I love doing what I do - it really makes the extra effort worth it when you realize even the smallest of details are valued.

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