Hazy Bowl updates for 2024


Bowl Branding and Logo Process

As some of the more sharp-eyed among you may have noticed, my process for numbering and branding my bowls has changed since my last drop. Before I used to stamp everything on; however, in the last year or so I have slowly transitioned to a different method which is much more consistent, sharp and allows for proper alignment with ease.

This change will only be reflected on a few bowls for this upcoming drop, but moving forward, it will be reflected in all my pieces.

New Style Old Style

Hazy Dais

Releasing this drop, a new product to be paired with Hazy Bowls are the new Hazy Dais - which are display stands meant to show off your Hazy Bowl in style.


Hazy Drop & Giveaway Details

By the time you're reading this, details on the next Hazy Drop & Giveaway have already probably been posted on my Instagram or Discord.



Updated Leaderboard

The leaderboards have been updated to reflect the latest drop. USA, Germany and the UK are leading the pack, respectively.


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